Grant Applications

GRANT APPLICATION: Applications are due March 1.
Organization Name:
Contact Name:

Your organization:
Describe the organization and its history.
Your project: Describe your project plans in detail. How much are you requesting from us (not total cost of project) ?

Goal: What is your goal or desired outcome of this project?

Benefits: Who will benefit from the completion of this project and how will they benefit?

Materials needed: Itemize the estimated expenses for your project. Some plant material must be included. Please be as specific as possible. For instance, list plant varieties.

Completion: When do you anticipate completing the project? What are the criteria for measuring success of the project?

Supervision: Who will provide supervision of the project?

Send online applications to: or to

Please sign below indicating your acceptance of the obligation to provide a written report to the garden club on completion of the project.

I Accept: x__________________________ Our report will also include a presentation to club members: ___________________________________

To help us with promotion of our grant program, please tell us how you learned of our grants: x______________________________________

If you do not receive an email indicating receipt of your application within a week after completion, please us contact: or

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