2022 Heirloom Tomatoes

Abraham Lincoln

This tomato was developed in Illinois and named in honor of its greatest son. The large fruit (12-16 oz.) grow in clusters. It matures a little later but worth the wait. Indeterminate: 87 days.

Amish Paste

This heirloom is over 100 years old from the Amish. The bright red fruits are about 8 oz. It is a meaty tomato good for sauces, canning, and slicing. It has low acid and high flavor. Indeterminate: 75 days

Anna Aasa

This Swedish heirloom is a deep red grape/cherry tomato that grows in clusters. They are considered to have the most intense flavor of the small tomatoes. 70 days

Arkansas Traveler

For over 100 years, these seeds have been saved in the Arkansas Ozarks. It grows well in heat and humidity. It may be more virus resistant than others; it is crack resistant. They are reliable producers of dark rose pink fruits 6-8 oz. with superior flavor. 85 days

Black Cherry

This is an early to midseason tomato from Russia. It has a dark smoky color with deep red flesh. The flavor is sweet, intense with a hint of smokiness.70 days

Black Krim

This is a Russian heirloom from the Black Sea region. It is an early setting tomato with a very dark skin and green shoulders. When it is cut, red meat will be seen with seeds surrounded by a green gel. It sets early and has a rich flavor with a hint of salt. 70 days

Black from Tula

This is another heirloom from Russia and one of the largest black tomatoes. It is a beefsteak with a dark red skin and green shoulder. The fruit is 8-12 oz. It sets early and will continue to set in the heat. 75 days

Bloody Butcher

The past of this heirloom is lost. This is an early tomato that produces 2 in. tomatoes in clusters of 5-9 fruits. The flavor is rich and intensely tomato. Its meatiness lends it to canning and sauces. It can be grown in a container. Indeterminate: 55 days


This tomato is considered by many to be the best flavored tomato. It is from nineteenth century Amish seed believed to be from the Brandywine Creek area of Pennsylvania. The fruits are irregularly shaped and pinkish red in color. It is a potato leaf plant of medium size and should be staked or caged. Indeterminate: 80 days

Caspian Pink

From the Caspian Sea area in Russia, this heirloom has consistently scored high in blind taste tests rivaling even Brandywine. The skin is a dark pink with red flesh inside. 85 days

Cherokee Purple

This fruit is a dusky pink with purple shoulders. It has been grown in Tennessee for over 100 years; story has it that it was cultivated by the Cherokees. The flesh is purple/brown/pink and the seeds are in a green gel until it is dead ripe. 85 days

Costoluto Genovese

This heirloom tomato was originally from Italy but comes to us by way of Monticello. It is a sweet tomato that is semipleated and seems to have some natural disease resistance. Many consider it one of the best to make tomato juice. Indeterminate: 80 days


Druzba is a Bulgarian tomato that comes to us by way of France. It is red with pink- gold shoulders. The fruit are about 4 in. across. The plant sets a heavy crop. Indeterminate: 80 days

Giant Belgium

This heirloom dates back to the 1930’s in Ohio. It is an enormous tomato, 1.5- 2 lbs., that is dark pink in color. Some have grown 5 lb. fruits. Indeterminate: 80 days


The hillbilly is a very old heirloom from the hills of West Virginia. It produces large fruit; over a pound at times. The fruit are orange-yellow in color with red and pink mottling. They are mild flavored. Indeterminate: 85 days

Japanese Trifele Black

This is a midseason tomato from Russia that is a heavy producer of 3-5 in. fruit. They are blemish free and rarely crack. The fruits are black to magenta in color with excellent flavor that holds even when canned. Indeterminate: 80 days


This heirloom is known for its unique shape along with its excellent flavor. The fruits are almost a perfect sphere and bright red. It is a perfect sandwich tomato. This can be a container plant. Indeterminate: 73 days

Marvel Stripe Large

This heirloom goes back to the Zapotec people of Southern Mexico. The fruit are large, 1-2 lbs. and mostly yellow with red striping. They are deliciously sweet and juicy. It is a long season plant and the fruit stores well. It needs to be well staked. Indeterminate: 90 days

Mr. Stripey

This is an old heirloom from the hills of West Virginia. The plant produces a beefsteak tomato that are up to 2 lbs. It is mostly orange/yellow with streaks of red and pink. Also called “Olympic Flame.” Indeterminate: 75 days

Mortgage Lifter

Urban legend has it that a farmer was about to lose his farm but discovered this tomato plant. It was so productive that the sold plants, fruits, and seeds saved his farm. Mortgage Lifter is a very early beefsteak with fruit from 1-4 lbs. It has a pink skin and red meat. This tomato is a great slicer with few seeds. 80 days

Nearly Wild

As the name says, this is almost as close as one can get to the original wild tomato. The fruit are small, 1/2 in. with great flavor. Bright red fruits cover the large plants in clusters. Indeterminate: 70 days

Paul Robeson

This is a Russian heirloom that was named for Paul Robeson whom they respected for fighting facism and racism in the United States. It is a midseason tomato that has deep maroon, medium size fruit that are sweet and tangy in flavor. It is blemish free that will bear in cooler temperatures. This is a tomato that can be grown in a container. Indeterminate: 80 days


The pineapple tomato is an enormous beefsteak type that is orange/with red streaks. It is meaty with a mild flavor and, maybe, a hint of pineapple. Indeterminate: 90 days

Principe Borghese

This is an old favorite plum tomato from the Tuscany region of Italy. It is a small vined determinate type, that generally needs no staking and can be planted in a container. This is a tomato that is prolific; it both dries and stores well without drying. Determinate: 75 days


A tomato most likely derived from San Marzano. This offshoots produce earlier an the fruit are larger. The red, meaty flesh makes great sauces and pastes. It is quite dependable and somewhat resistant to wilt virus. Determinate: 75 days


The Rutgers was developed by the Campbell Soup Company and improved on by Rutgers University. It has been a workhorse in the garden since 1934. The fruits are meaty and red, about 4-6 oz., and resist cracking. Indeterminate: 74 days

San Marzano

An Italian classic, this tomato is the only one that can be used for Vera Pizza Napoletana (true neapolitan pizza). It is a thinner tomato with a pointy end, very meaty, and less acidic than most Roma type tomatoes. The flavor is strong and sweet. The San Marzano is used for sauces and paste; it produces longer even when there is heat. Indeterminate: 85 days


Siberian is a very early tomato that is able to grow in colder soil. The red fruit is 2-3 in. across. With care, they will produce by the fourth of July. The flavor is better than the previous Siberian offered and produces longer and is more prolific. Determinate: 50 days

Sicilian Saucer

A midseason Sicilian heirloom just made to be a tasty sauce. The fruit is thick and meaty; the average size is 2 lbs. It is a somewhat flat shape with a bright red color. This plant will need staking. Indeterminate: 75 days


A native of Czechoslovakia, this tomato is known for its sweet fruit and extremely early yield sometimes after only 52 days. The fruits are small weighing 1-2 oz. but packed with flavor. It stands up to cold weather. Indeterminate: 60 days

Thomas Jefferson

There are scattered references made to this tomato over 150 years. It is believed that the tomato was named after the president to recognize his work in horticulture; the seeds were sold by his family. It has excellently flavored red fruit and is a reliable producer. A garden club favorite. Indeterminate: 80 days

Yellow Pear

The yellow pear tomato has been around since about 1800. It is a sweet yellow cherry type tomato that grows on a large six foot plant. This tomato is very juicy but a little later than most cherry tomatoes. 78 days


“Xiaoyangzao” is believed to mean small seed in Cantonese. It is a small pear type midseason tomato with intensive flavor and makes a good drying tomato. Indeterminate: 70 days

Ziegler’s Fleisch

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